Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • VSAERO - Integral methods for potential and boundary layer flows.
  • VLAERO - Planar vortex lattice method for the aerodynamic analysis of subsonic and supersonic aircraft.
  • MGAERO - Cartesian Euler code with embedded grids and automatic component intersections.
  • MSES/MISES - Multi-element airfoil design suite.
  • NSAERO - Navier-Stokes solver for all flow speeds and Reynolds numbers, including gaseous combustion.
  • USAERO - Potential flow and boundary layer methods with a time-stepping procedure for arbitrary motions.
  • CAMRAD II - Aeromechanical analysis of helicopters and rotorcraft.
  • LEENOISE - Calculates fan noise propagation and radiation.
  • SDAERO - Transonic small disturbance potential flow and integral boundary layer methods.

Pre and Post Processing

  • OMNI3D - Interactive 3D visualization tool for efficient post-processing of CFD results.
  • SURFGEN - High quality surface mesh generation.
  • PEP - Panel Editing Program

Analysis Modules

  • FLIDYN - Non-linear 6-DOF flight dynamics simulation with simplified integration with CFD output.
  • FSWAVE - Non-linear free surface characteristics of a free surface distributed by an arbitrary hull configuration.
  • ICE - Calculate water droplet trajectory and ice collection characteristics.

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