Need to produce high-quality surface grids for VSAERO, USAERO, and/or MGAERO?
Surfgen is an OEM product jointly developed by AMI and Pointwise® specifically for this purpose.
Notable features of Surfgen that users will find especially useful include the following:

  • Surfgen can create meshes that are independent of the CAD topology. A mesh may span an entire CAD surface, only a portion of a surface, or multiple surfaces.
  • Surfgen can automatically repair flaws in the grid that results from poor CAD data such as gaps, overlaps, and missing features.
  • Surfgen can produce hybrid grids that are composed of unstructured, triangular-panel patches and structured quad-panel patches for VSAERO Version 7.
  • Surfgen’s Tcl-based scripting language, Glyph, can be used to create customized meshing applications for specific configurations. Combined with journaling, hands-off surface gridding is easily achieved.
  • Surfgen includes a Glyph script to automatically close wing trailing edges if required. Meshing on intersected CAD surfaces are matched automatically with any “squeezed” wing mesh.

Additional Information

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Last Updated: September 19, 2008
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