Transonic flow calculations in minutes rather than hours - SDAERO couples small disturbance potential flow and integral boundary layer methods to facilitate the rapid design and analysis of wings and bodies in the transonic regime.

Generic Transport Optimized for Lift/Drag using Aeropointer.

Small Business Jet Wing Design Performed with SDAERO

Simple input requirements and clearly tabulated output are combined with OMNI3D plotting capability.
SDAERO provides rapid estimation of lift, drag and separation onset throughout the aircraft high-speed flight envelope.

Wing-body optimization for performance and loads is available using the AeroPointerTM software package.
Non-linear aerodynamic loads calculation for multiple flight conditions are made in a fraction of the time required by Euler or Navier-Stokes codes.

KC-135 Winglet Modification Analysis

727 Wing Pressure Distributions

System Requirements

This software is available for the following systems: linux

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