OMNI3D is an interactive 3D data visualization tool designed for efficient post-processing of computational fluid dynamic simulation results.
CFD Data Input
  • Accepts data in the VSAERO plot file format, a fully general CFD output format supported by several commercial CFD codes
  • Reads both formatted (ASCII) and unformatted (binary) data files
  • Reads binary files from different brands of UNIX workstations

Counter Rotating Propeller

Airliner In Ground Effect
2D Displays
  • Plots any solution parameter on arbitrary 2D cuts
  • Plots solution parameters vs. time
  • Displays streamlines and boundary layer parameters
  • Computes 2D cuts relative to specific reference frame
  • Calculates frame loads in a particular axis system
3D Displays
  • Displays body and wake geometry using high quality shading or wireframe
  • Uses sophisticated color mapping to show computed fluid flow and measured experimental data on the geometry
  • Displays wakes as wireframe, ribbons, cross-sections, or transparent surface
  • Uses color to show wake strength along wake lines
  • Displays contours of surface pressure, flow velocity, mach number, or any other property
  • Provides real-time 3D view manipulation for interactive data investigation
  • Animation capability for displaying time dependent results with changing surface geometry and several different reference frames
  • Displays on-body and off-body streamlines, using color to show streamline and boundary layer properties
  • Mouse-based techniques for probing geometry and solution data
Comparison with Experimental Data
  • Accepts experimental data from a separate input file
  • Displays experimental data defined at specific locations on the geometry
  • Displays experimental data on 2D cuts
  • Provides specially designed visual tools for comparing experimental data with CFD results
The highly interactive OMNI3D user interface uses the X/Motif window system together with a high performance 3D graphics technology to maximize engineering productivity. It is available on Windows and most brands of UNIX workstations.

System Requirements

This software is available for the following systems: aix,hpux(IA64 and PA-RISC),irix,linux,osf,sun

Additional Information

Download the OMNI3D brochure in PDF format.
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Last Updated: February 15, 2008
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