The answer to all your fluid flow questions in a single code. Focus on problem solution and not on multiple flow code inputs. Get one software product - NSAERO - for all flow speeds and Reynolds numbers, including gaseous combustion, Rapid problem set up; flexible and general boundary conditions; structured, unstructured and hybrid grids; and many turbulence and chemistry model options give you access to the most complex applications.

Jet Engine Exhaust Nozzle, Mach Number Contours and Wall Pressure
Distribution Comparison With Experimental Results

Atmosphere re-entry of a space shuttle with reacting flow.

OMNI3D, our interactive 3D data visualization tool and TECPLOTTM, the industry standard visualization software, are recommended with NSAERO to give you immediate feedback from results and flexible display of flow properties.

NSAERO, TECPLOT, and our GridgenTM preprocessing code provide you the ideal software system for fluid dynamics analysis.
TECPLOT is a trademark of Amtec Engineering, Inc., Bellevue, Washington. Gridgen is a trademark of Pointwise, Inc. , Dallas Texas.

Mach Number and pressure contours for a 3 Elements Airfoil computed with hybrid grids: O-mesh structured grid around the elements and triangulated grid in the surrounding.

Application Notes

Two-stream Axisymmetric Nozzle
Hydrogen-Air Shock-Induced Combustion
Oblique shock on a 15 degree Wedge at Mach 2.5
Validation of the Space Shuttle Orbiter Flow during Atmospheric Reentry
Winglet Design For Commercial Aircraft
External-Internal Flow: S-Duct RAE M2129
Buffet Onset of 18% Circular-Arc Airfoil

System Requirements

This software is available for the following systems: irix,linux

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