Whether you need a single airfoil section, multiple sections for a highlift system, or an airfoil for a cascade, this suite of codes allows you to quickly translate your design requirements into an optimum configuration.
Two-dimensional codes driven with X-Window GUIs allow rapid geometry changes, parametric flow studies, and configuration development; MSES for multi-element airfoils in subsonic and transonic flow; MISES for airfoils in a transonic cascade.

MSES streamline grid for a 3 - element Formula 1 rear wing

MISES solution for DFVLR transonic
compressor cascade at M=0.82

Both codes offer inverse design, forced and natural transition, and direct and inverse interactive boundary layer methods. Grid generation is automatic using a streamline coordinate solution, allowing the grid to adapt to the evolving flow field.
There is no better way to achieve your ideal airfoil design in the least possible time.

System Requirements

This software is available for the following systems: aix,hpux(PA-RISC),irix,linux,osf (MSES also available for sun)

Additional Information

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Last Updated: February 15, 2008
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