Aerodynamic preliminary design has no better friend than MGAERO. The Cartesian Euler code allows you to rapidly model and analyze the most complex configuration.
Cartesian embedded grids simplify grid generation and automatic component intersections simplify geometry definition. Multi-stage Runge-Kutta integration with multi-grid acceleration yield an efficient solution on Unix and PC platforms.

Boeing 747 with Aviation Partners' Spiroid Winglets

Sukhoi - 30MKI

Create geometries as sectional data, generate wireframe components, or provide an IGES file from your CAD system. All these can be used to develop MGAERO input.
Rapidly assess new designs, analyze new components on existing aircraft, and reduce your design cycle times with MGAERO.

Aviation Technology Group Javelin
extended flap, Mach 0.92 CL=0.2

System Requirements

This software is available for the following systems: aix,hpux(IA64 and PA-RISC),irix,linux,osf,sun

Additional Information

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