CAMRAD II is an aeromechanical analysis of helicopters and rotorcraft that incorporates a combination of advanced technology, including multibody dynamics, nonlinear finite elements, structural dynamics, and rotorcraft aerodynamics. For the design, testing, and evaluation of rotors and rotorcraft at all stages, including research, conceptual design, detailed design, and development.
CAMRAD II calculates performance, loads, vibration, response, and stability with a consistent, balanced, yet high level of technology in a single computer program applicable to a wide range of problems, and a wide class of rotorcraft.

Calculated Forward Flight Free Wake Geometry.

CAMRAD II uses a building block approach to achieve flexibility in the model of the dynamic and aerodynamic configuration. Hence it can model the true geometry of a rotorcraft, including multiple load paths (such as a swashplate and control system, lag dampers, tension/torsion straps, and bearingless rotors); vibration control devices (such as pendulum absorbers or active control); arbitrary elastic axis and arbitrary hinge order; drooped and swept tips; and dissimilar blades.

CAMRAD II provides a powerful analysis capability, including advanced rotor aerodynamics; rigorous kinematics and dynamics (with consistent structural loads and dynamic response, and general interfaces between aerodynamic and structural dynamic components); and general transient solutions. For ease of use a shell is provided to build typical rotorcraft and rotor models, while the core input capability always gives complete flexibility to define and revise the model. A range of components and modeling options makes it a practical engineering tool, allowing the best balance of efficiency and accuracy to be found for a particular problem. CAMRAD II offers a common tool among organizations, and a design for growth that makes it an appropriate platform for future developments, for continuing access to new technology.

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